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A guide to creating in a new genre. Originally written in the course of a day, intended for TRANS FUCKING RAGE JAM.

All images used are in the public domain.

Canva and CSP used for editing.

If this influences you at all, DM me on Twitter at @f3arofthedark. Would love to see what people make with it.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorRoxanne B.
TagsFantasy, Sci-fi, sludgepunk, zine


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I already did leave a review for this zine, but I'm gonna just repeat one part of it here in the comments. If you're looking for material to add on an inspiration pile? Then this is something you'll want to get. Because while this zine only clocks in at about six pages, it offers some interesting material to consider/think about.



Sludgepunk Manifesto lives up to the promise of its opening page, laying out a genre of mutation, mutability and implacable, seeping, crumbling change. This game looks at the imperial fear of decay and imperfection and its proclamations of eternal perfect empire and instead of presenting an image of unassailable might says, yes! here is the seed of its destruction. it's short & sweet & got really cool visual design. this makes me want to make and play stuff based on its vibes and tenets immediately. 10/10 would read again